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ADA Accessibility

ADA Accessibility By definition, an accessible playground is an area that, when viewed in its entirety may be approached and entered as well as provides a range of play opportunities or experiences to users of varying abilities. It is important to note that this definition does not necessarily mean that every feature in the play area or every piece of equipment must be accessible. When viewing the entire play space, a combination of play opportunities, surfacing, and other features should provide an opportunity for children of varying abilities to be physically challenged and to socially interact with other children on the playground.

For more detailed information regarding ADA requirements, please visit the Download Center of this website. You can access the ADA Guide there. This guide provides specific information for making certain that your play space is accessible.

UPlayToday play structures meet ADA requirements for accessibility. Additionally, add-on ground level activities are available to make your play system even more accessible. You can find these items in the Products Gallery under both the 2-5 and 5-12 Play Structures categories.